What We Do

Scaale as Growth Consultants for smart capital, international sales and global M & A services to growth companies and large corporates.

Our Story

We believe that we live in best time of mankind's history.

Our history, facts and experience are foundation of dealing with challenges which are evolving in real time in front of us. We believe that we can leverage our capability for developing new business models for growth and build value for exit or shareholder's value or stakeholder's value.

What is different about us -

We have experience of more than 30 years in brick and mortar business in OECD countries and emerging markets.

We have 17 years of experience in digital technologies and tools, allowing us to connect the traditional business to digital world.

We have set up new small to mid size operations around the world in manufacturing, distribution and technology transfer. In today's world this knowledge is critical for globally connected economy. Our ability to deal with complex evolving situations in emerging markets or OECD countries, allows us to advise growth companies to deal with dynamic situations.

We are in tune not only with current technology and trends but ready for companies which are yet to form. Only 10 years back today's smart phone did not exist and we could not have seen how we live today. According to futurists, 10 years from now we will be using something which is not invented yet.

Our global team based in more than 10 countries, are ready to assist companies for raising global capital, establish new markets and achieve right valuation for exit or liquidity event.

We will like to leverage our knowledge which is increasing in real time, our network which is growing as we add more dots and your strengths to empower our client to achieve their ambitions and goals.

We believe in stakeholder's economy and not only will like to do good for our clients but also create a positive impact while doing it.

We will love to empower micro multinationals for creating better value for their stakeholders.


Kaushal Chokshi
Founder & Chairman,
Scaale Group
Serial Entrepreneur with over 30 years of entrepreneurship experience including an IPO. Prominent Global Speaker.
Ashwin Sanzgiri
Vice President,
Scaale Group
Seasoned Investment Banker, ex-Deloitte & Citibank with over 13 years of experience.
Mandar Gadkari
Scaale Capital

Regional Partners

Maria Clara Vieira
Vibha Sidaya
Sara Hand
Tampa Bay Area, Florida
Marika Mazzi Boem