What does it include?

  • Product Portfolio (existing and identifying products in pipeline)
  • Market Research and Strategy for the growth of the Company
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Robust Financial Model with Milestones
  • Opportunity for Investors
  • Future Prospects
  • Valuation & Exit Strategy

How does it work?

Our team will work with you to create a defendable business and investment strategy for your fund raise, advising you in the key aspects like financial modeling, the amount of capital you will require to raise at every stage along with a well-defined market penetration and product penetration strategy for rapid growth and exit. This will be backed by risk adjusted and scientific valuation and exit strategy.

Our team will work collaboratively with you during this process. The Strategy Pack is a tool required by companies not only for a particular fund raise process but also to redefine their business strategy and outline achievable milestones for the entrepreneur on an annual basis.

Why do you need it?

Third Party Professional documentation

Investors need to analyze the investment opportunity to evaluate their interest to invest. A detailed business strategy and valuation executed by a professional third party will be required as a part of the fund raising campaign with potential investors, as it brings more credibility and transparency to the table.


It is crucial to be able to justify your valuation to potential investors in a professional and scientific way and create the right strategy for further rounds of funding.


To identify potential gaps in financials plans and strategies, and come up with the right solutions. This exercise helps CEOs to make an informed decision on their business model, go-to-market strategy, projections and exit plan.

Knowledge & Experience

Many companies do not have the knowledge and experience to develop an appropriate business plan, financial plan, valuation and exit strategy.

Story Telling

To create an exciting story but to back it up with numbers and justifications.

Standard Market Research


To study and analyze 1 vertical/industry in upto 3 markets in the following areas to be able to determine opportunities such as entry, growth or consolidation:

  • Size of the market
  • Market Trends
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Cultural nuances and consumer behavior
  • Demographics and Internal factors impacting / affecting the market (political and economic)
  • Regulatory and taxation

Customized Market Research

The team will discuss with your objectives and requirements and will identify an approporiate framework to analyze and research about the markets/verticals of your interest.

Depending on the complexity of the project, Scaale Advisory will determine the process, timing and cost of the same.

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