China Tour

Why China

  • China has become the world's second largest economy since 2010.
  • E-commerce- China is the world's largest and fast growing market, especially for cross-border e-commerce.
  • Internet- China has the world's largest number of internet users.
  • Mobile- China has the world's largest number of mobile internet users

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China Tour Program


To help start-ups/growth companies/ institutions in across geographies (US, Europe, LATAM, and India etc.), especially helping those with China market entry plan to understand the China market and provide them with initial contacts and knowledge to enter into the China market.

Target Industries

Software, electronics, new material, new technology, advanced equipment manufacturing, healthcare & Biotech, modern agriculture, modern Service, AI, CleanTech& new energy (vehicles), big data and culture & entertainment, etc.

China Tour Sample Agenda

Day 1

  • Product Launch & Pitching Event
  • China business environment overview

Day 2

  • Business Matching Activity
  • Workshops/Talk to local popular investors and institutions

Day 3

  • Brainstorming session with emerging Tech Start-ups &popular companies

Day 4

  • City Tour & Local Networking Events

Day 5

  • Attraction Policy Introduction by local governments

Our Offering

  • China Tour Firstly
  • Channel development
  • Franchise or licensing
  • Joint venture
  • Setup an office

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Why China Tour is Your First Step?

Based on our practice, you should keep the difference of China Market (partial content listed in following) in mind. To align your global strategy and product in China or any city of China without good analysis and investigation might not be a smart idea, which can result in waste of the money and time. We encourage you to get a feel of the market before you have to make a business decision. Scaale helps you plan your first tour in China!

  • The booming cities in China have complex business environment;
  • The local attraction policies vary a lot among cities and industries;
  • It's difficult to identify the right model for your business at the very beginning;
  • Deep involvement of this market is more important than just reading news;
  • China tour is low cost option for you to connect with prospect business partners;
  • It usually makes sense for "Seeing is believing" and the tour can open your mind.
  • It's the first step to build trust with Chinese businessmen by meeting in person.

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