Who We Are

Scaale Exit provides strategic and competent advice for companies seeking acquirers or global acquisition targets. Scaale Exit provides global mergers & acquisitions advice to clients and investors in North America, Europe, China and India. Our clients are startups, SMBs, growth companies and their investors with an objective to exit, as well as mid to large sized corporations scouting for startups, SMBs and growth companies as acquisition targets.

Facilitating Strategic Exits Through Cross-Border Synergies

Management seek to sell their business to realize value or to grow exponentially under the ecosystem of a larger global corporate. We assist growing businesses unlock value through an outright acquisition at an appropriate time.

How it Works

We assist growing businesses build value through global strategies over a 12-18 months period for eventual value creation and exit. This also includes strategic investments from a corporate's view of eventual acquisitions. Timeline or milestone based exits allow companies grow and reach their full potential under the ecosystem of a larger corporate while providing risk mitigation and lower entry points to corporates for access to markets and technologies.

How it Works

Creating Liquidity for Investors

Scaale Exit works with angel investors, family offices, venture capital and private equity funds on their strategic exits from their investment portfolio. Through Scaale other verticals, Scaale Exit actively leverages on the Group's global investors network to provide exit advisory on their investment portfolio. Broadly, Scaale Exit has advised on strategic exits for investors in the following ways.

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