Umgrauemeio Global Introducing AI Backed Wildfire Detection To India

Sao Paulo, Brazil & Mumbai, India - December 5, 2021

umgrauemeio Global, a wildfire management technology provider, announces the development of AI backed earlydetection and prevention solutions for the Indian subcontinent.

From a mission to ensure global warming levels below 1.5ºC, umgrauemeio Global launched with an initial focus to address wildfires in the Amazon rainforest, a biome where fires have a multitude of downstream effects including CO2 emissions, respiratory illness, water supply destruction, agriculture asset loss, and wildlife mortality.

Through greater focus on prevention, which is far less costly than active fire mitigation, umgrauemeio Global changes the equation on how forest rich biomes cope with wildfires. With installations across 70+ monitoring towers and 7+ million monitored hectares, umgrauemeio Global sees continued adoption of its data and intelligence driven earlydetection approach.

Forest fires in the Indian subcontinent have been rising sharply over the past 15 years. According to the European Union’s Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service, fires in Uttarakhand emitted nearly 0.2 mega tonnes of carbon in March, 2021. Nepal had roughly 500 forest fires in the same period. Dry conditions have left up to 36% of forests in India vulnerable to wildfire, as shown by the Forest Survey of India.

umgrauemeio Global aims to help India address these challenges through AI-backed early detection and warning solutions, requiring significantly less expense and manpower than active fire mitigation. By partnering with existing infrastructure providers umgrauemeio Global hopes for a rapid roll out of its real time alert systems to active problem regions across Northern India that have been hit the hardest.

“umgrauemeio Global believes it can make an immediate impact with our earlydetection approach in India, where wildfires cause tremendous socioeconomic problems.” - Osmar Bambini. Cofounder / CIO, umgrauemeio

“Forest fires are a rising issue across the Indian subcontinent, and we believe in umgrauemeio Global’s approach of prevention through technology.” - Jyothivas Nair, Vice President - Global Solutions, Scaale

About umgrauemeio Global

umgrauemeio Global is a solution jointly presented by umgrauemeio and Scaale.

About umgrauemeio

umgrauemeio started in 2015 in Brazil with the willingness to solve existing problems in the agribusiness while maintaining an environmental approach. With the homologation of their systems in 2016, in just one year they were able to reach R$ 5 million in signed contracts.

umgrauemeio is a full potential climatech startup that understands the principles of innovation in the fastchanging world of technology. umgrauemeio has designed a solution to detect fire outbreaks in forests and plantations in an average time of 3 minutes. With the ability for early detection of fire outbreaks, the environmental and asset losses are reduced up to 90%. umgrauemeio is guided by the best practices in ASG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

About Scaale

Scaale is a strategic management consultancy and implementation partner who helps companies achieve growth through market access and strategic advisory solutions.

Scaale is a group assisting companies to achieve growth through market access and strategic advisory solutions for 40+ years in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Scaale actively is working towards a multispoke approach for achieve carbon neutral and sustainable solutions ranging from cleantech, renewable energy and smart cities mission.