Umgrauemeio Partners With Scaale To Mitigate Wild-fires and CO2 Emissions

Sao Paulo, Brazil & San Francisco, USA - December 5, 2021

umgrauemeio and Scaale today announced their partnership to develop solutions to combat wildfire and CO2 emissions globally.

umgrauemeio, a Brazil based company, has its roots in addressing growing wildfires in the Amazon rainforest, the world’s largest. In a progressive state of deterioration, the rainforest currently emits more CO2 than it absorbs. Continued depletion of forest cover and drought only increase the risk of wildfires to an unprecedented scale.

Wildfires are a major threat to life in all types of biomes, killing more than 17 million animal vertebrates in Brazil's Pantanal region alone last year. They pose a multifaceted threat to human quality of life, with fire damages 6x more expensive than prevention.

Conventional wildfire mitigation strategies have focused on combating an existing fire as damage is active, rather than preventative measures that focus on early detection. umgrauemeio Global is on a mission to introduce early detection technologies to supplement existing mitigation solutions.

“Through a focus on wildfire prevention umgrauemeio Global hopes to address its many downstream impacts, including CO2 reduction, biodiversity protection, respiratory disease reduction, agricultural integrity, and water source protection.” - Rogerio Cavalcante. Founder / CEO, umgrauemeio

umgrauemeio Global currently has installations in Brazil and Portugal spanning 70+ monitoring towers with more than 7,700,00 hectares across 11 states and 5 biomes regions. Installations are supporting customer use cases for small organizations to large multinationals. With highly customizable solutions driven by data and intelligence, umgrauemeio Global has developed long term relationships in its partner and client ecosystem.

umgrauemeio Global and Scaale are partnering to expand wildfire preventative solutions around the world. With this partnership they aim to actively work with organizations on a common mission to impact emissions and achieve net zero carbon values. Through participation in the global sustainability ecosystem umgrauemeio Global and Scaale plan on developing new solutions for use cases in wildfire afflicted biomes worldwide.

“umgrauemeio Global has developed world class solutions for wildfire detection and prevention. This partnership aims to further expand and evangelize this movement of technology-enabled prevention solutions globally.” - Kaushal Chokshi. CEO, Scaale.

About umgrauemeio

umgrauemeio started in 2015 in Brazil with the willingness to solve existing problems in the agribusiness while maintaining an environmental approach. With the homologation of their systems in 2016, in just one year they were able to reach R$ 5 million in signed contracts.

umgrauemeio is a full potential climatech startup that understands the principles of innovation in the fast-changing world of technology. umgrauemeio has designed a solution to detect fire outbreaks in forests and plantations in an average time of 3 minutes. With the ability for early detection of fire outbreaks, the environmental and asset losses are reduced up to 90%. umgrauemeio is guided by the best practices in ASG (Environmental, Social and Governance) and by Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

About Scaale

Scaale is a strategic management consultancy and implementation partner who helps companies achieve growth through market access and strategic advisory solutions.

Scaale is a group assisting companies to achieve growth through market access and strategic advisory solutions for 40+ years in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

Scaale actively is working towards a multispoke approach for achieve carbon neutral and sustainable solutions ranging from cleantech, renewable energy and smart cities mission.